About us

Ampol-Merol Sp. z o.o. has been an authorized distributor of products for agriculture since 1992, winning the trust of farmers in Poland and abroad. Our motto has always been "Man first".


Our mission is to increase the agricultural efficiency by distribution of the top-quality and most effective products. Thanks to this we fulfil the needs of the most demanding clients.


With 26 branches all over Poland, the availability of products is very good.  Order of any size can be delivered to any location in the country.

Ampol-Merol Sp. z o.o. offers:

• seeds

• mineral fertilizers

• foliar fertilizers

• crop protection products

• purchase of agricultural produce

• animal feeding


We are a manufacturer and exclusive distributor of the Nasze Nasiona and DARVIT max brands. Out storage area (for 70 thousand tons) allows all-year-round purchase and storage of rape, and food and feed cereals.


To launch new products and services we closely cooperate with scientific institutes, universities, agricultural advisory centre.


We are an experienced and dynamic team The team that guarantees the top-quality service which brings satisfactory yield.


Do business with us!

Ampol-Merol Sp. z o.o.
ul. Mikołaja z Ryńska 28a
87-200 Wąbrzeźno
woj. kujawsko-pomorskie

phone: +48 56 688 48 00
fax: +48 56 688 48 40