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Foliar fertilizers

The new generation Agravita® products are an answer to expectations of modern planters who focus on high yield of good quality. The Agravita® products are made in the US and Western Europe which guarantees the top quality, safety and effectiveness. The Agravita® foliar fertilizers are the best means of preventive and interventional supply of macro- and microelements to the plants. Application of Agravita® stimulates physiological processes, activates growth of the root system, regulates the vegetative growth and accelerates the crop growth. In addition, the Agravita® products alleviate the negative effects of stressing conditions, accelerate regeneration after the weather and herbicide damage and increase resistance and health of the plants.


The novelty in the 2014 season are microelement fertilizers and NPK fertilizers made in the American FAST CHELATION TECHNOLOGY. The foliar fertilizers in the FAST technology are a combination of easily absorbable EDTA chelates, active ingredients, pH regulating substances and carefully selected nutrients.


Thanks to this they have an excellent effectiveness at low doses, they stabilize pH of the working liquid, they have the best absorbability and they are totally soluble in water. Agravita® FAST means fast absorption and transport of nutrients inside the plant, better functioning of stomata, protection against drought, intensive production of chlorophyll and better activity of photosynthesis, improved enzymatic processes, regulation of cell division and stimulation of the immune system.


The modern AGRAVITA® series includes a wide range of products:

  • Aktiv series - growth stimulating fertilizers
  • Synergia series - NPK FAST CHELATION TECHNOLOGY fertilizers
  • Microelements series - compound microelement FAST CHELATION TECHNOLOGY fertilizers
  • Synergia series - NPK fertilizers + microelements
  • Starter fertilizers for drill applicators
  • Protect series - potassium and sulphur with antiseptic properties
  • Microelements series
  • Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate
  • Adjuvant


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