Project description

Automation of cooperation with

Ampol-Merol Sp. z o.o. business partners by implementation of a cutting-edge B2B system

Project costs: PLN 984 293

Co-financing: PLN 590 826

Including from EU: PLN 502 20

Project status: in progress


Programme: Innovative Economy Operational Programme

Priority: Priority VIII Information society – increasing innovation of the economy

Action: Action 8.2: Support for the implementation of B2B type e-business


Project goals:

The B2B system will optimize the business processes implemented by all partners of Ampol-Merol Sp. z o.o. which will bring improves competiveness, costs reduction and will increase the group of our regular clients. As a result of the B2B system Ampol-Merol Sp. z o.o. will use its potential in an optimal way to accurately define the expectation of the final customer.


Project description:

The project comprises the implementation of electronic B2B system in Ampol-Merol Sp. z o.o. to integrate our IT system with the corresponding systems of our business partners (suppliers and customers).  The system will automate the business processes between the applicant and its business partners which in a traditional model involve large human resources and are time consuming.

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